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Sectional garage doors are non-protruding and open vertically, in sections (hence the name), providing maximum space both inside and outside of the garage. Available in an attractive selection of designs, colours and finishes using space-saving technology and heat insulation. They are safe and robust whilst providing low noise-operation.

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Hörmann sectional garage doors

Modern garages have become more than just a place to store the car – they are also offices, workshops and home gyms. Whatever you use your garage space for, the insulation properties of our sectional garage doors will help to reduce heat loss from your garage and create a warmer room.

Sectional garage doors can be fitted in almost every garage door opening and offer up to 14 cm more passage width than up-and-over doors. They have flexible and weather-resistant seals on all four sides of the Hörmann sectional doors to ensure that they are optimally sealed. Available in LTE (single skin) LPU42 (42mm of insulation) or the Thermo67 (67mm of insulation) and 16 standard colours, 2 Decograin (Wood Effect) colours and in a variety of finishes (Slategrain/Woodgrain/Silkgrain/Sandgrain).

They even have a printed Duragrain design range now too. If you choose the motorised option, it comes as standard with two remotes. An external emergency release is available as an optional extra and advised if there is no secondary access to your garage. This door is also available as a manual option.

LPU 67 Thermo and LPU 42

With the double-skinned sectional garage doors LPU 67 Thermo and LPU 42 you can rely on outstanding or very good thermal insulation and also on increased stability and smooth running.

If the design of your house is dominated by timber, then the Hörmann sectional garage doors LTH 42 with solid timber infill are particularly suited for you.

Space-saving opening and secure closing

Sectional garage doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. This construction principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be fitted in any garage opening and offer extra passage width. Treat yourself to this comfort and convenience.

LPU 67 Thermo

The energy-saving door offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to the 67-mm-thick sections with thermal break.

LPU 42

The double-skinned LPU 42 sectional garage door features 42 mm thick sections that ensure excellent thermal insulation.

LTH 42

The solid timber door is excellently suited for timber houses or buildings with many timber elements, such as timber framing or facade elements.

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